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    innovation and service synchronization, double insurance of Jingxiong sunshine

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             Pipeline tribe | innovation and service synchronization, double insurance of Jingxiong sunshine

             Big shopping centers are like battlefields, and opportunities change rapidly. If products and technologies are "IQ" of enterprises, is service "EQ" of enterprises? In order to stand out in the fierce market, the company must not only have excellent products, leading technology, but also have value-added services.

            For Sichuan and Chongqing, besides the coveted food, it is also an important industrial base in China, with a complete industrial category and system. Thanks to the good industrial base, many outstanding enterprises have emerged in Sichuan and Chongqing. Among them, Sichuan Jingxiong sunshine Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jingxiong sunshine") is one of them.

            Diversified development, highlighting key points

            Sichuan Jingxiong sunshine Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Sichuan Jingxiong Plastic Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2002. There are two production bases in Longtan Industrial Park and Kaizhou New Town Industrial Park in Deyang, covering an area of 65000 square meters. The company has introduced advanced CNC processing equipment, advanced technology, and cooperated with scientific research institutions and industry experts to provide efficient service and product innovation. The company mainly engaged in four main product categories, including resin tile production equipment, special-shaped materials production equipment, pipeline production equipment, and pipeline production of complete equipment. PVC decorative furniture board and advertising board.

            Based on the development concept of science and technology, environmental protection and resource recycling, the pipeline equipment production line provides a complete solution for the customers in the process of hard work. Among them, kqjz800 extrusion complete equipment, crb3000 type B winding structure wall pipe (B-type craton) production equipment and continuous winding C-type structural wall pipe (C-type craton) production equipment are the core products of Jingxiong sunshine.

            Three core products, building the cornerstone of the enterprise

            Complete set of kqjz800 expanding extrusion molding equipment

            The equipment is mainly used for the production of sleeves and sleeves for winding structural wall pipes. The raw material is injection molded PE (mfr:6-8 g / 10min). The color of the joint is usually black. Other colors can be customized according to customer requirements.

    The equipment solves the flexible connection problem of the structure wall pipe, which is easy to install, fast connected and leak free. It is mainly used for the production of A-type wound structure wall pipe, C-type winding structure wall pipe, inner rib reinforced PE spiral corrugated pipe, steel belt reinforced PE spiral corrugated pipe and plastic steel winding drain pipe socket joint.

                Kqjz800 type expansion joint extrusion molding equipment adopts single screw pre plastic injection mechanism (extrusion injection) to make socket joint. The equipment is mainly composed of die closing unit, injection unit, pipe jacking unit and supporting die. The die closing unit adopts horizontal structure, which is safe, convenient and quick to replace the mold. The equipment control unit adopts PLC HMI mode, which can effectively monitor the weight measurement of products, online energy consumption monitoring and industrial Ethernet Remote Communication, communicate with the equipment controller remotely, obtain equipment data, and more effectively manage the use and monitoring of equipment.

                 Crb3000 B type winding structure wall pipe production equipment

                 The equipment has been used for reference to the advanced technology of the same industry at home and abroad. The whole system adopts famous brand products, which ensures the stable operation of the equipment. The material pipe, gas, power cable, water circuit, gas circuit and PP bellows required for production are relatively fixed during the operation of the production line. The equipment is easy to install, operate and maintain, and it is safe and reliable. The overall structure design is reasonable, the hardware is advanced, the automation is high, the mechanical and electrical design fully considers the ergonomics, reduces the labor intensity of the user, and adopts the high-tech B-type polyethylene winding structure wall pipe production equipment, which is mainly suitable for the production of type B structural wall pipe specified in GB / t19472.2.

                  It is worth mentioning that crb3000 B type wall pipe production equipment is located in the extrusion part, taking into account the customer's needs, and four configurations are designed for customers to choose: one is double machine and two material extrusion, strip and cladding. The material is extruded by two extruders; the second is the co extrusion configuration of two color strip single layer coating and three machine co extrusion; the strip is extruded by two extruders; the coating is extruded by another extruder, which can produce two-color inner tube products; the third is the co extrusion configuration of single color strip and double coating three machines, the strip is extruded by one extruder, and the coating is co extruded by two extruders. Different materials can be added to the coating to realize the diversification of products; the fourth is the co extrusion configuration of double color strip double layer coating four machines, the strip is extruded by two extruders, and the coating can be co extruded from two machines to produce two-color internal tubes. Different materials can be added to the coating materials to realize the diversification, diversification and differentiation of products.

                 Crc1200 type continuous winding C-type wall pipe production equipment

                 The continuous winding of C-shaped wall pipe is formed on the forming cage composed of multiple rollers. In the winding process, the gas heating roller is not needed, which saves the gas cost and improves the production safety. The C-shaped wall pipe is extruded by the die of the extruder, and the single layer strip is extruded into the inner layer of the pipe in the molten state, and the die of another extruder is extruded and the tube is melted. Wound around the reinforced bellows. The joint is wound on the forming cage composed of multiple rollers in turn, and the strip is wrapped with pressing wheel to ensure the integrity and tightness of the inner layer of the pipe. The continuous winding forming can be realized by pushing forward during winding, and the mold shall be replaced without stopping the machine to maximize the utilization of the equipment.

                  PE wrapped C-shaped wall pipe is environmental protection material, because they are non-toxic, harmless and recyclable, and have certain internal pressure resistance, good impact resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. It has a long life (more than 50 years), small water resistance, light weight, convenient transportation and quick construction, etc. it is widely used in municipal drainage and sewage discharge.


                                                                  Socket connection method of series winding socket injection socket

                After the continuous winding of C-shaped wall pipe is wound and formed by the winding forming process of online winding joint, one end of the pipe is cut into the required socket shape by a special joint cutter (only when cutting the socket is used for Replace cutting tool), cut the other end into the shape required by the injection sleeve, and then inject the sleeve into a special injection molding machine to form a pipe socket with sleeve, which can realize the socket electrofusion connection and socket sealing ring connection.


                                                               The connection method of the pipe fittings with double socket and double socket in series winding

                   After the continuous winding of C-shaped wall pipe is wound and formed by the winding forming process of online winding joint, the two ends of the pipe are cut into the shape of sleeve by special joint cutter (sleeve for cutting rubber) only need to replace the ring connection and electric melting connection. Cutting tool) make pipe with double socket, and then use double socket socket joint to realize socket hot melt connection and socket sealing ring connection.

                  Close service, value-added service

                  As a plastic machinery manufacturer, crystal male sunshine not only pursues perfection in product quality, but also demands high service. The company has passed is09001-2008 quality system certification, adhering to the business philosophy of "high-quality products and star service", and established a professional full cycle, multi-party service system, covering technical consultation, plant layout and other aspects, chemical commissioning and workers training.

                  At present, the company is preparing to build a 3000 m2 plastic machinery "accessories supermarket", and build a "one-stop" 4S service supermarket, which integrates equipment sales, spare parts supply, after-sales service and information feedback processing, providing users with fast, efficient and convenient after-sales service experience. With the immediate and accurate after-sales service of Jingxiong employees, it will win valuable production time for customers, improve efficiency, reduce production cost, and provide strong guarantee for continuous and stable production.

                   In the change and competition to seek progress, the road to growth is endless!