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    How to choose plastic granulator?

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    How to choose plastic granulator? How to choose plastic granulator? What should I pay attention to when buying granulator?

    With the continuous attention of the state to circular economy, plastic recycling industry can be said to be a sunrise industry in the 21st century. For those who have just started to invest in this project, they are all worried about how to choose their own plastic granulator and what should be paid attention to before purchasing the granulator? After more than 20 years of rapid development, there are more and more enterprises producing granulator, so there is also a problem for investors, that is how to choose granulator equipment. If you post a piece of information about purchasing plastic granulator on the Internet, seven or eight companies will contact you the next day. In the end, investors will feel confused and don't know how to choose. Because I don't know about the equipment, so I can't make a choice. Today, the engineer of Chengdu Dahuanyu plastic granulator factory tells you how to choose a suitable granulator.

    The price of plastic particles rises

    Plastic recycling particles project is an investment project strongly supported by the state in recent years, which is used for the recycling of waste plastics to greatly reduce the pollution of white garbage, and the processed plastic particles are the hot products in the market. Now most of the enterprises producing plastic products in the market add a large number of waste recycled particles in the use of raw materials, because the After the waste plastic is processed into plastic particles, it also meets the processing needs of some plastic products enterprises, and the cost is reduced by several thousand yuan compared with the case of using new materials, so the cost per ton is reduced by several thousand yuan, so an enterprise that produces two tons per day can save millions of yuan on raw materials every year. So now the market is in short supply of waste plastic particles, and the price of plastic particles is also rising.

    Detailed steps and methods for purchasing plastic granulator

    Step 1: make clear the purpose and purpose of purchasing plastic granulator

    There are three types of customers who buy plastic granulator, one is those who are ready to invest and start their own business, which belongs to the individual or private sector; the other is those who are enterprises themselves and need to buy plastic granulator to solve the problem of leftover materials produced by their own factories; the other is the dealers and traders. Today, we focus on the customers who are ready to buy plastic granulator to invest and start their own business What should be paid attention to before the aircraft. Customers who buy machines like this need to find out their local raw material purchase market first. Because there are many kinds of plastics, we usually focus on general plastic processing, unless we have a clear sales channel for special plastics. General plastics are mainly PP and PE, and these two kinds of raw material markets can be seen everywhere, such as basin, barrel, agricultural film, mulch film, woven bag, etc. PS foam material is relatively small, but if the local material is more, it can be a good choice. In a word, the raw materials to be processed should be determined clearly before starting a business.

    Step 2: determine the amount of investment in plastic granulator equipment

    After deciding on the project, we should determine an affordable investment amount according to our own economic ability, such as 50000-100000 yuan or 100000-200000 yuan. This can help us save a lot of time and be more purposeful when we choose. It is suggested that we can choose to make plastic sheet materials (such as mineral water bottles) with an investment amount of 50000-100000 yuan, so that the equipment investment is simple (more than 30000 yuan) and the working capital is relatively less. With a fund of 100000 to 200000, we can choose to make waste plastic particles. There is a certain risk in the selection of the project investment amount, so in the case of your insufficient capital preparation, we must do what we can to determine the type and model of the plastic granulator according to the capital situation in hand.

    Step 3: collect relevant data of plastic granulator through various ways

    Early data collection is very important, which can let us have a certain understanding of the plastic granulator to be purchased. There are many ways to collect plastic granulator. First of all, we should have a general understanding of the relevant manufacturers through the network. Secondly, we can go to the manufacturer nearby to have a look and feel the overall situation of the equipment on site. Finally, we should communicate with the manufacturers we know by telephone, understand the performance of plastic granulator of each manufacturer, understand the price of plastic granulator, understand the different after-sales services of each manufacturer, and compare the advantages and disadvantages of plastic granulator produced by different manufacturers. Roughly determine the manufacturer you prefer.

    Step 4: roughly determine the model of plastic granulator

    The collection of product information is very important, which can let us fully understand the characteristics of plastic granulator. But just looking at these data, we can only have a perceptual understanding. Only when we actually look at the machine or even the users of the machine, can we have a rational understanding of the machine. This requires us to go to the manufacturer. We can have a look at the prototype at the manufacturer. We can also see others buying machines and listen to what others say. Of course, we can also let the merchants explain the use of the plastic granulator, and actually look at the situation of the manufacturer to see whether the output and quality match and match the introduction. Machine to see, price also need to ask, when asking price, pay attention to the quotation of the business usually leave a certain counter-offer room.