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    Analysis of plastic machinery plastic granulator

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    Analysis of plastic machinery plastic granulator

    The main body of Jingxiong plastic mechanical plastic granulator is composed of extrusion, transmission and heating cooling system;

    The extrusion system of plastic granulator includes screw, barrel, hopper, head and die. The plastic is plasticized into uniform melt through the extrusion system, and is continuously extruded by screw under the pressure established in this process.

    The driving system of plastic granulator is used to drive the screw and supply the torque and speed needed by the screw in the extrusion process, which is usually composed of motor, reducer and bearing.

    Heating and cooling of plastic granulator is the necessary condition for plastic extrusion.

    Plastic granulator is mainly used for processing waste plastic film (industrial packaging film, agricultural plastic film, greenhouse film, beer bag, handbag, etc.), woven bag, agricultural convenient bag, basin, barrel, beverage bottle, furniture, daily necessities, etc., which is suitable for most common waste plastic.

    Plastic granulator is the most widely used, widely used and most popular plastic recycling machinery in the recycling industry.