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    Repair and maintenance of plastic particle crusher

    selfurl:   begintime:2020-04-07 10:06:00

    Chengdu plastic machinery company introduces the repair and maintenance of plastic particle crusher

    1. In the process of daily use, the rotation of the disc should be checked frequently. The rotation speed of the disc should be controlled in a reasonable range according to the specific provisions of the plastic particle grinder, so as to avoid the impact of the particle size of the product due to the too fast rotation speed of the disc.

    2. because the plastic particle grinder belongs to the wet granulating machine, the upper part of the disc is usually equipped with a spray device to damp the material to increase the viscosity of the material. Therefore, in order to ensure that the material has good adhesion, the spray device should be checked regularly to ensure the smooth flow of water in the spray device.

    3. During the use of the plastic particle crusher, it is particularly necessary to check the transmission parts of the plastic particle crusher, i.e. the transmission gear. The rotation of the transmission gear is completed with the help of lubricating oil. Therefore, during the operation of the gear, it is necessary to regularly check its lubrication, and properly add lubricating oil and grease to the gear to ensure the gear is in good condition Lubrication, so that the operation of the plastic granulator more stable and reliable.

    4. The overall structure of the plastic particle crusher is supported by the frame. During the operation of the machine, pay attention to check whether the foundation bolts connecting the frame and the foundation ground are firm and loose. If the bolts are loose, they must be tightened in time, otherwise the plastic particle crusher will produce strong vibration and noise during operation, and even cause accidents.

    5. Check whether all parts of the plastic particle crusher are lost and whether the bolts are loose during the transportation.

    6. The plastic particle crusher rotates the main shaft pulley to check whether there is any collision during rotation.

    7. Check whether the rotation direction is correct after the motor of plastic particle crusher is connected.

    8. It is forbidden to mix iron and sundries into the crushed materials of plastic particle crusher.

    9. The plastic particle crusher shall be shut down immediately in case of abnormal noise.

    10. Regularly check the lubrication in the bearing of plastic particle crusher and inject lubricating oil.