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    Application of vertical injection molding machine

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    Chengdu plastic machinery manufacturers elaborate the application of vertical injection molding machine

    In the rapid development of modern injection molding industry for more than half a century, vertical and horizontal machines almost occupy half of the country. Vertical machine has many irreplaceable advantages in the field of injection molding production.

    Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between vertical machine and horizontal machine

    The most direct difference between the vertical machine and the horizontal machine lies in the design layout of the machine. The floor area of the vertical machine is much smaller, but the higher the machine has certain requirements for the height of the plant; the longer the horizontal machine, the larger the floor area, but the higher the machine is, the lower the height of the plant.

    The vertical machine usually needs a lifting platform or a small forklift in mold switching, while the horizontal machine can use a crane to lift and switch the mold, and the horizontal machine has a better chance in rapid mold switching. In the aspect of mold structure, due to the difference of gravity, the structure of multi slider on horizontal machine is less used in vertical injection molding, and the corresponding structure of vertical machine usually uses oil cylinder for core pulling will be more stable.

    Application field of vertical injection molding

    The vertical injection molding machine is widely used in the injection molding of connecting wires, all kinds of electronic and computer data wires, power plug wires and other wire body rubber coated products. The machine features of the vertical machine can place the wire products stably and improve the molding stability.

    Vertical single slide injection molding machine, double slide injection molding machine series: This machine is mainly for engineering plastics, the products have strict precision requirements, precision or small embedded parts injection molding together, is also one of the best injection molding schemes for embedded parts. Because the machine has the function of fixing the upper die and sliding out the lower die.

    The second mock exam has two upper dies and two modes alternating operation, which is more suitable for the insertion or removal of precision hardware. Some two-color molds can also be used for double slide injection molding, general molding products, such as electronic precision connector, mobile phone connector, integrated circuit components, etc., but double slide needs two working bits, increasing labor costs.

    Vertical disc injection molding machine, rotary series: the rotary series of vertical disc injection molding machine can be described as the optimal scheme of precision parts embedded injection molding and two-color mold. Because the machine can design one upper mold and two lower mold or multiple lower mold functions, compared with the advantages of complex embedding and manual saving, the disc machine can improve the efficiency of the machine through the structure of multi station elements, so that the effective output of the machine can be achieved Get the biggest boost.

    Application of multicolor and multicomponent injection molding in vertical injection molding machine

    The application of vertical injection molding machine in multi-color injection molding, the combination of vertical machine and horizontal machine forms a multi position two-color and even multi-color molding process.

    Rotary tower type two-color machine, also known as core rotation injection, namely, there is a retractable and rotating shaft in the center of the lower mold, so that the core can rotate 180 degrees, successively into cavity 1 and cavity 2, and then forming two-color plastic parts. It is mainly used in: a. the product has inserts, one end of which can be molded and one end can be clamped (such as screwdriver, scissors, etc.); B. cylinder, deep hole products (such as car handle, thermometer shell, etc.), the product can be firmly positioned on the mold core after leaving the mold.

    Multi station rotary table machine, the equipment has two groups of injection system, each time the lower die rotates a certain angle, such as 180 degrees, 120 degrees, etc., it can automatically form the process of labeling in the die. Different from the common two-color machine, this equipment not only can be used for two-color injection molding, but also can be used as two standard historical injection molding machines or standard historical two position rotary table machines, greatly expanding the multi-purpose function of one machine.

    Vertical injection molding machine is also used in liquid silica gel molding applications. The process characteristics of liquid silica gel molding require two-component mixing. At present, vertical machines account for the majority of liquid silica gel molding in the industry. The pipes in the material injection part are more conducive to the use of space above, which can better adapt to the injection molding of LSR.

    Liquid silicon products are widely used in medical, electronic and other fields because of their good performance. The hardness range of liquid silicon is very wide, which can replace TPU, TPE and other thermoplastic elastomers, and at the same time, it can produce very good touch texture. At the same time, liquid silicon also meets the requirements of many extreme environments. Therefore, in recent years, liquid silicon materials have become a new hot choice in various industries, and gradually come into our daily life.

    As an indispensable branch in the field of plastic machine, vertical injection molding machine has formed its unique production advantages. It has shown excellent performance in many specific use environments, as well as in automation, customization and other fields. Vertical injection molding machine has also played a new application advantage in more and more fields. It is believed that vertical injection molding machine can bring more innovative applications to the manufacturing industry.