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    Common troubles and solutions of vacuum packaging machine

    selfurl:   begintime:2020-04-07 10:06:00

    In the process of using vacuum packaging machine, the following common problems will be encountered:

    1. Low vacuum

    2. loud noise

    3. Vacuum pump injection

    4. The vacuum pump leaks oil

    5. Large oil smoke of vacuum pump

    6. no heating

    7. Heating does not stop

    8. The seal is not smooth, tight or not sealed, and the steel box is deformed and adjusted

    9. Heating while not heating

    10. No vacuum pumping

    11. Cover closing does not work, etc

    Treatment method:

    1. Clean the vacuum pump with polluted, too little or too thin pump oil and replace it with a new one; prolong the pumping time with too short pumping time; block the pumping filter for cleaning or replace the exhaust filter; if there is any air leakage, turn off the power after evacuation, and check whether there is any air leakage in the solenoid valve, pipe joint, suction valve of vacuum pump and sealing gasket around the working room.

    2. The coupling of vacuum pump is worn or broken, the exhaust filter is blocked or installed in an incorrect position, clean or replace the exhaust filter and install it correctly; check if there is any air leakage in the solenoid valve and remove it.

    3. The O-ring of the suction valve falls off, the vacuum pipe on the pump nozzle is pulled out, the suction nozzle is removed, the compression spring and the suction valve are taken out, the O-ring is slightly stretched for several times, and it is inserted into the groove again, and then it can be installed; the rotary blade is worn and replaced.

    4. The oil return valve is blocked, the oil return valve is removed and cleaned (see the manual for details); after the oil window is loosened and drained, the oil window is removed and wrapped with raw material belt or thin plastic film.

    5. The air extraction filter is blocked or polluted, clean or replace the exhaust filter; the pump oil is polluted, replace with new oil; the oil return valve is blocked, clean the oil return valve

    6. Replace the heating strip if the heating strip is burnt out; replace the time relay if the heating time relay is burnt out (the two lights are on at the same time when the machine is started, and the color of OMRON light is yellow); replace the re line if the re line is burnt out and replace the re line, and install it firmly; repair or replace the poor contact of the switch in the control heating temperature band; repair or replace the AC contactor that controls heating without resetting (blow off foreign matters with air flow); damage the heating transformer replace

    7. If the heating time relay contacts poorly or burns out, adjust the time relay to contact with the socket or replace it; if the control heating AC contactor does not reset, repair or replace it

    8. The heating time and temperature are not adjusted properly; there are attachments on the heating cloth which are scraped off gently with fingernails; the pressurized solenoid valve does not operate to clean or replace the solenoid valve; the airbag is damaged and replaced; the pressurized air pipe is damaged and repaired or replaced; the cooling time relay is damaged (in the electrical box) and the time relay is replaced; the circuit of the vent valve is open and connected properly; Air release valve stuck or burned, removed, cleaned or replaced

    9. The pressing strip of the package bag on the unheated side is short circuited with the heating device (generally short circuited with the brazing strip) to adjust the position of the brazing strip, or to trim the pressing strip of the package bag

    10. If the working room is not covered tightly, the working room shall be covered tightly; if the motor is reversed (pay attention not to change the ground wire, and the pattern line is the ground wire); if the fuse is broken (the indicator light is on), replace the fuse of the same specification

    11. There is no power supply to check whether there is power supply; the travel switch does not act to adjust the travel switch paddle; the fuse is broken (the indicator light is on) and the fuse of the same specification is frequently burned to find out and eliminate the short circuit; the motor reverse time is too long and any two-phase power line is replaced and installed (except for the ground wire); the pump is washed with too high oil viscosity and the paddle in the oil change fuse box has a short circuit to repair.