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    The application of convex steel plastic grid in construction

    selfurl:   begintime:2019-12-16 10:46:00

    The convex joint grid reinforced steel grid is also known as the high-density polyethylene wound by metal wire. The high-strength ultrasonic welded strip pulls the strength of the reinforced tape according to the engineering needs and various changes.

    One grid is used for convex joint steel grid reinforcement, also known as

    Concept: through the use of high-density polyethylene packaging tape

    Features: small creep rate of extension energy

    Product description

    The upgrading of convex joint ordinary steel grid steel plastic geogrid changes the small peeling force of common grid joint only, and the weld joint is easy to crack, which leads to construction difficulties, prevents the disadvantages of reducing the exhaust volume, and further improves the side effects of the product. Due to the proportion of materials, the above shortcomings of the traditional plastic geogrid can be effectively changed by changing the joint point between the stripping forces of the tape 506200 head in the construction process. Due to the prominent joint of welding part, so-called steel grid convex joint, the joint name of academic steel plastic geogrid is enhanced.

    Product introduction

    One kind. In order to meet the needs of permanent construction projects, the production of concave convex pattern roller formed by extrusion processing of engineering plastics surface, improve the welding strength, improve the friction coefficient of ribbed surface, and improve the resistance of soft formation ground fracture surface impedance soil bearing capacity from the filler composition of horizontal shear resistance.

    According to the mode of tension direction, the specification of Bay Plastic Geogrid convex joint has one-way and two-way division. The tensile yield strength range of steel grid convex joint per meter is from 30 to 200 cattle, which can be prepared according to the needs of users.


    One kind. Low elongation can be less than creep.

    B plastic convex joint geogrid is corrosion-resistant and has a long service life: various additives are added, so as to achieve corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, acid, alkali, salt and other harsh environments. Therefore, the steel plastic geogrid permanent engineering, to meet the needs of more than a century, has a good stability.

    Convenient construction, short period, low cost: steel plastic geogrid laying, lapping, easy positioning, leveling, avoiding overlapping, can effectively shorten the project cycle, saving 50% of the project cost. Engineering application: Soft Highway, railway, abutment, approach road, wharf, dam, slag yard reinforcement, retaining wall and pavement crack resistance engineering and other fields.

    Strength, small creep, adapt to all kinds of environmental soil, fully meet the road, railway, high retaining wall. As shown in Figure 2, interlocking, fast-moving bearing surface of a very effective improvement, greatly enhanced safety and effective lateral displacement constraint bearing capacity of the subgrade, can ensure durability.

    Other E. plastic convex joint geogrid products with high specific strength and high capacity, non corrosive, anti-aging, large friction coefficient pattern, uniform hole, convenient construction and long service life.